Magic is the practice of harnessing the unseen energy that surrounds us. With a trained mind and a darkroom practice committed to chance and accident I strive to open a channel to this energy.

I work with expired color film and old laboratory chemistry, recycling aged products. of industrialization and giving them a new life, to unfold the world around me and peer beyond sight. In an untouched forest, my lens reveals the contamination that has crept in and colored the light of the woods. In an industrial park where the forest once was, it captures the light of a dormant spirit waiting to breathe new life in a future age.

This is my crude magic, imparted upon what created it and what we are rapidly replacing.

This work unites opposing energies and allows them to reconcile. They remind that the chaos of wilderness and the destructiveness of humans are all of the same endless vibration.  These works intend to be alchemical charms, returning us to oneness with that vibration.